Sworks strives to meet your technology needs with the most reasonable and efficient options allowed by your budget. Whether you are a small business owner, a home PC user, or a mid-size corporation, or a prospering non-profit, our expertise and partnerships with quality hardware and software providers will ensure you are getting premium quality and not paying premium prices!

The persistent dedication to our work and customer satisfaction is what makes us different.

Sworks is recognized for creating exceptional, profitable results with the investments entrusted to us by our clients. We are the clear choice for businesses and individuals looking to solve a technical problem of any complexity. We believe that our results are the true measure our. All our resources, talents, abilities and time are dedicated to our work; one client at a time.

Sworks can provide assistance in any of these areas:

  •     Network Administration/Upgrade
  •     Integration/Upgrade of new and legacy applications
  •     Upgrade of hardware and software, both on the desktop and server level
  •     Internet hosting and email setup, overhaul, or replacement
  •     Web design and E-business solutions
  •     Technology project management, and long-term technology budget planning
  •     Support and maintenance for existing systems
  •     Video conversion, editing, and streaming
  •     Integration/Migration to Google Apps
  •     Smartphone implementation and support
  •     System Virtualization/Cloud Migration
  •     Akamai/AWS Integration